modern hand crank wheelchair

The modern day version of the ancient wheelchair I posted previously.

i made a bear profile on tinder. this is what happened

So two weeks ago to this day I had the idea to create a Tinder account for a taxidermied bear I had taken photos of recently.

Everyday sentence, right?

Well, let me back track a little. Everyone in the photo industry got up and went on vacation in the middle of August without telling me. So, I started shooting personal work. But that wasn’t making me laugh. And I need to laugh. Constantly. So I thought of what I photographed recently, then Tinder. And then this. This was going to be awesome.

But now, a short time later, I’m back to working nearly every day with no time to write out the amazing Tinder editorial I had envisioned I would rock the internet with. I thought I’d go crazy and try to meet some of the bears matches and have these insane tales to write about.

Instead, I kind of just want to take it off my damn phone because I’m tired of the weird Tinder “wobble sound” that it makes when Bear gets a new match (which is often). And no, I didn’t meet with any of these people.

By the way, in case you were wondering, yes, it is a pain to setup a fake bear tinder account. I thought it would be super simple but you need an email, a facebook, blah, blah, blah. I know that sounds like not a lot (and it kind of isn’t) but bottom line: I am ashamed about how much work/thought I put into this so I will not share how much I did.

One thing I will share: I am fucking sick of bear puns/jokes, honey talk, bragging about how much salmon I can catch, how I forage in garbage cans, etc. If you want to take away something from this: you will eventually hate whatever you pretend to be.

Bear had 221 matches by the time I stopped giving a shit and quit swiping (which helped stall the matches a little). I think I told the same 3 jokes to at least 180 of the girls. Keep in mind, this was all within a week.

I’d say I had a couple dozen actual conversations and everyone was pretty funny or receptive to the bear thing. There were a lot of matches who didn’t want to talk. And there were a couple who cursed the bear and then unmatched.

And because I know you’re curious: the quality of girl who is interested in Bear ranged from extremely attractive to not at all. Or quite simply: everyone. And might I say for the record, most of the conversations I had were relatively pleasant and genuinely happy/positive. I actually had fun doing the bear thing at first.

During this whole experiment I only broke the news to 6 people. 2 unmatched the bear (I guess it was me they unmatched) instantly while this remains as probably the best reaction I got from the other 4.

But the whole thing got old after a week. And really old after two weeks. And anyway…I’m already writing about this too much. I need to leave this experiment alone. BEAR. OUT.

(More convo’s below)

This little experiment is probably over but here’s Beartinder’s Instagram because, why not?

ancient wheelchair

I love all things old and slightly decrepit:

It is a hand powered wheelchair where the user sits in the bucket seat in the middle and uses the hand cranks above the big wheels to move them. There are chains that go from the hand cranks down to gears on the wheels. Steering is made possible by the rear wheel (which is now just a bunch of strands of rope as the rubber has gone) which the user would use his/her back to manipulate the back rest in whatever direction they wished to move. There is also a handle next to the bucket seat that is a brake for the rear wheel.

There also appears to be a “wheelie bar” up front to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over.

let the editing commence (handbags)


2007. Apparently I liked Juergen Teller at the time.


While shooting some handbags the other day I had some frustration styling them. I crumpled one of the bags, dropped it on the set, took a shot, and loved the look. Looking forward to keeping this in mind for future shoots!

And one with normal “styling”

bear & otter

new images: wolf & weasel

#Pretty #red #fox #notgoinganywhere #stilllife

#Pretty #red #fox #notgoinganywhere #stilllife

portions for foxes